African Catalyst Phase 5

Tour overview

The project will be implemented by engineering organizations in Zambia, South Africa, Rwanda, Kenya, and Malawi. The content generated, including Sibo the Engineer books, animations, and the final report, will be made available online for a wider African audience.

Participating Engineering Bodies (PEBs):
  1. Malawi Engineering Institution
  2. Engineering Institution of Zambia
  3. Engineering Council of South Africa
  4. Institution of Engineers Kenya
  5. Rwanda Institute of Engineers
Project Summary:

Building upon the success of the Sibo the Engineer Project in Africa Catalyst Phase 4, this project aims to achieve the objectives of the Africa Catalyst program. The initial kick off meeting with the selected PEBs will communicate, disseminate, and leverage the successes of the pilot project. Capacity-building workshops will be conducted to empower the PEBs to develop an engineering talent pipeline capable of addressing local challenges and establishing strong professional engineering bodies in sub-Saharan Africa.

The project will involve the production of two additional Sibo the Engineer children’s books, an Early Childhood Development (ECD) STEM activity book, and two animated series. The PEBs will collaborate with the project team to create and implement STEM education programs for early and middle childhood in their respective regions. Industry partnerships will be formed to enhance the impact of these initiatives.

A key focus of the project is promoting diversity and inclusion in STEM by targeting girls and advocating for gender equity. By creating inclusive and diverse STEM education content for early childhood and making it digitally accessible, the project aims to address disparities based on ethnicity, socio-economic status, and gender.

  1. Conduct five capacity-building workshops for representatives of engineering organizations throughout the year.
  2. Engage at least 350 children, with a minimum of 50% girls, in an early childhood STEM program (at least 50 children from each PEB).
  3. Publish two Sibo the Engineer books.
  4. Develop two animated series on Sibo the Engineer, ensuring refinement and quality.

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