Sibo the Civil Engineer tour – 2024

Tour overview


The “Sibo the Engineer” Tour was an exciting three-day event held in Bulawayo from 20th to 22nd March 2024. This educational tour was organized with the goal of generating interest and excitement in the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) among children. By providing immersive and engaging experiences, the tour aimed to inspire young minds, educate them about important STEM concepts, and encourage them to explore future opportunities in these fields.

Summary of Activities:

The highlight of the tour was the visit to the Criterion Water Works in Burnside, Bulawayo. During this field trip, the students witnessed the various stages of water treatment, gaining a first-hand understanding of the processes involved in producing clean drinking water. This experience deepened their appreciation for the efforts required to ensure access to safe and clean water in the community.

Educational Activities and Quizzes:

Following the site visits, the students engaged in educational activities, including quizzes and a watch party, at the Bulawayo Tower Block venue. These activities were designed to reinforce the knowledge they acquired during their field trips, with a specific focus on water treatment. The quizzes encouraged active participation and allowed students to test their understanding of the concepts they had learned.

Inspiring STEM Content:

Throughout the tour, the students were exposed to Part 3 of the “Sibo the Civil Engineer” book on water treatment and the accompanying animation. These watch parties featuring Sibo the Engineer conveyed engineering concepts through captivating storytelling, further igniting the students’ interest in STEM subjects.


The “Sibo the Engineer” Tour had a positive impact on the participating students, schools, and the community. The immersive experiences and engaging activities sparked a genuine interest in STEM fields among the students, potentially shaping their future educational and career paths. The field trip to Criterion Water Works, with 120 students, including a 60% focus on girls, gave them the opportunity to witness the water treatment processes first hand, deepening their understanding of the importance of clean water and encouraging sustainable practices. Moreover, the donation of water filtration toys to each of the six schools had a significant reach, benefiting approximately 500-600 students per school.

Tour highlights

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Tour dates
Number of children
  1. St Peters primary school
  2. Aisleby primary school
  3. Tategulu primary school
  4. Malondwane primary school
  5. Mgombane primary school
  6. Ntshamathe primary school
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